GCC Operations Directory

  • Administration, office manager:


    The office manager does all the things not covered by other roles below. If in doubt, please call or email the office directly.

  • Administration, finances:


    Our church treasurer. Responsible for managing the money for our church. Helps to put the budget into action. 

  • Administration, Communications:


    Creates printed and digital media for the church: announcements, weekly newsletter, bulletin, Facebook, Instagram, the GCC website, et cetera. 

  • Administration, Prayer Chain:


    Makes sure that the prayer requests of the GCC body are shared to the prayer chain in a timely and discreet manner. 

  • Facility, Trustee board convener:

    Kevin Sullivan

    The chairman of the Board of Trustees. At GCC the Trustees function in a facility maintenance and repair capacity. The convener will make sure facility needs or problems are sent to the correct person on the Board.

  • Discipleship, leader:

    Naomi Stambaugh

    Discipleship is the Great Commandment; therefore it is very important to the function of our church. Discipleship includes all the levels of Biblical learning here at GCC. 

  • Discipleship, Passages:

    Kevin Sullivan

  • discipleship, youth group:

    Jared Nail

  • Discipleship, Elementary-aged children:

    Billy Liddle

    Melissa McKay

  • Discipleship, Pre-school:

    Kathy Iddings

  • Discipleship, Junior bible quiz club:


  • Small Groups, women's Ministry:

    (unassigned - contact office@gracecommunity.com for information)

  • Small groups, men's ministry:

    Jason garrison

  • Small groups, home groups:

    matt lewis

  • Worship & Tech ministry, leader:


    Oversees both the musical and technical side of Sunday morning worship. 

  • worship team, sunday service organizer:


    Coordinates the schedule for musicians and collaborates with the Pastor for worship song choice. 

  • tech team, production:


    Coordinates the schedule for those serving in Tech on Sunday mornings. Responsible for sound, lights, streaming, and projection. 

  • OUtreach, leader:


    Coordinates GCC's outreach locally, around the country, and around the world. Organizes and facilitates missions trips. 

  • congregational care, Leader:

    (Unassigned - contact office@gracecommunity.com for information)

    Coordinates and facilitates the physical showing of love and care for the GCC body. Sends cards, visits or schedules visits to the sick, delivers meals or coordinates meals from the congregation to members of our church who are in crisis, and more

  • Congregational care/guest services, cafe:

    Juanita kellaris

    Coordinates serving of food on Sunday mornings and special events. 

  • Congregational care, deacons: 

    (Unassigned - contact office@gracecommunity.com for information)