Grace Community Church

Onsite church relaunch information

Updated May 26, 2020

When we meet onsite, you will find:

  1. Hand sanitizer stations at every entrance;
  2. Our staff and volunteers wearing face masks when in public areas (you may use your discretion regarding wearing a mask);
  3. Children’s ministries not offered at this time;
  4. Café drinks and snacks not offered at this time;
  5. Ushers helping to monitor people count in order to maintain half occupancy.
  6. A “touchless” worship service, which means that:
  • doors will already be opened;
  • tithes/offering collection will be provided by the entrance; 
  • no bulletins at this time;
  • no greeting time during service, and;
  • communion will be provided in pre-prepared, single servings.

We are asking the following from you:

  1. As much as possible, reserve the 9:00 AM service for our older members and those with compromised immunity (you may attend any service you wish, but giving preference to these groups at 9:00 will help);
  2. Stay home and enjoy our online services if you are not feeling well or had recent exposure;
  3. Help your family group maintain the 6-foot social distancing guidelines;
  4. Maintain 2-3 empty chairs between family groups;
  5. Reserve tables set up in the sanctuary for families with children (to allow the kids to draw or keep busy during service);

If you are not yet comfortable attending onsite, just click GCC ONLINE CHURCH to view our services.